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American Olympic Basketball Gimme a Break

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Blogger Ro said...

THE DEFINITION OF RIDICULOUS!!! Dude I was SO mad Sunday... more so mad at the idiots who turned down the invitation to be part of the team! I mean, besides the legal turmoil Kobe's going through THERE IS NO excuse to players of the likes of Tracy McGrady, Vince Carter; I mean GREAT shooters that think they're too busy to represent their country! My ire is beyond words! I was so embarassed and I'm not EVEN from the USA! Maybe I'm exaggerating, but I agree with you Mur; NBA needs to grow up, and quit thinking they're Royalty and start searching for heart and love of the game! I'm out!

Roger Samour aka Ro

3:13 PM

Blogger Jason said...

I agree, USA basketball is a joke. I didn't even care to watch any of it on TV. I think the Olympics have taken a down turn over the last 8 years or so. Lets bring back Bird, Jordan and those guys. I bet they could beat Puerto Rico. Aren't you from there Roger?

8:05 AM


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