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Blog Problems

I got a little behind on my web site payments. So, for a short time, I couldn't post. And just to really put make it interesting, when I got everything squared away, I had some setting problems. I have had to re-post and re-post my site. I thought I had everything working right, and I did except for one thing. My site feed wasn't working right. So, all you guys who use rss to see my new updates couldn't see my posts. Well, it is working now!

Right now, I am watching The New Yankee Workshop on my Tivo. I love this show. I don't have any tools, and I don't see myself buying any very soon, but all the same, I love this show. It is really cool to see him make something. I am a geek, I have to admit, but this show is cool.

Right now, Norm is using some really old pine that has old nails in it. He is explaining how to use a metal detector to find old nails. Geeky...but I love it.

Quit yelling at me....


Blogger Nelson said...

Well I'm certainly glad you're back on the blog! I've missed your posts!

And I'm assuming you went to NYC recently from the great pics you posted! Allison and I are going there in June for our 5 year anniversary, and we're pretty stinking stoked about it. Anything we should see while we're there? We got tickets to see 'Wicked' on Broadway...we've heard good things about it.

7:26 PM

Blogger Murray Williams said...

Actually I was in Las Vegas for the National Association of Broadcasters Conference looking at communication technology.

12:36 PM


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