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Picture Day with Mary Hadley

I went with Mary Hadley today on a picture day. I had my new Canon 20D, and Mary Hadley was using my old Fujifilm S5000. We went around town looking for things to photograph. Mary Hadley is 5 and this is her best picture of the day.

I let her shoot whatever she wanted. And, all in all, especially for a 5 year old, she came back with some very interesting photographs.

Leave a comment and I will pass it on to Mary Hadley.

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Blogger Nelson said...

Great picture of Baby Jesus (the white Jesus)! I love the idea of letting kids run around with cameras, too. They have such crazy cool imaginations and perspectives on life. You should do this more often!

9:00 PM

Blogger Murray Williams said...

Thanks Nelly... I agree!!! We will do this some more.

9:40 PM


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