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Hoobastank Hoobastank Hoobastank

What to do with Hoobastank. They have two songs that I like, "Crawling in the Dark", and "The Reason". Those songs are cool, but is it worth it to buy one of their CDs? They are one of the great maybe bands on my music horizon. Are they worth the $12.00 to get their CD?

It has been my experience in the past with bands like this that you can like one of their songs and then go buy their CD only to find out that the song on the radio is the only good song on the CD. What to do???


Blogger Matt and Kerrie said...

That's why iTunes and MusicMatch are some of the greatest services I've come across in a long time...I don't have to buy the whole thing and be disappointed anymore.

4:52 PM

Blogger Murray Williams said...

Tell me about it!

10:12 AM


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