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Where the Heck is MurDog???

Building the New Site
Man, have I been busy... Josh Graber and have been hard at work rebuilding the Fellowship Website. We have moved to an ASP site that allows us to do some cool server side stuff to make the website more useful to the folks of Fellowship, but in order to take advantage of all that fun stuff, we have to get the initial build done.

We are about done with the initial build, the new site is up. Over the next couple of weeks we are doing some testing and starting to train people up in each of the ministries to take advantage of their part of the site and "own" it. We will give them the tools to update their part of the web. That way, they can leverage the strengths of the web for their ministry. Also if we have more hands on deck, then all the areas of the website will be useful.

With all this web building, I haven't had time to do any blogging, and that's not cool. I mean, that is not fair to the 1 to 2 people per month who accidentally find themselves on this blog. IT'S NOT FAIR I say...NOT FAIR. I will do better. Maybe.

Hurricane Frances huh?!?
We are watching the coverage of the Hurricane Frances. It is like watching an incredibly slow car crash happen right in front of your eyes. It is hard to tear your eyes away. I have this deep abiding need to see building blow away in the wind. Also, it is great fun watching these weather guys who are on location doing their best to not get blown away. You can't hear them because of the wind over the microphone, so the coverage spirals down into a comedy of errors. Do I root for the weather man in his attempt to stay standing, or do root for the wind. Watching this moron who says such gems as "'s really windy here", get blown away by the wind would really make my morning. I am rooting for the wind...


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