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My latest obsession are podcasts. Podcasts are shows that people record and post on their blog. The podcasters take advantage CSS to alert people when new shows are available. There are programs that you as the listener download called ipodders. The ipodder goes out to each of the sites to see if there are new shows to download. If there are new shows the ipodder program downloads the show and then puts it in your iTunes library so that the podcast will we uploaded to your iPod the next time you sync it.

Adam Curry, one of the earliest VJ's on MTV, is one of the main people behind podcasting. You can download one of his shows at his website. NOTE: These shows are not covered by FCC regulations, so there is the occasional curse word here and there, but overall, it is pretty cool.

I Don't Have an iPod...

Even though it is handy to have the shows download automatically to a portable MP3 player, it isn't absolutely necessary. There are a number of people out there who listen to the shows on their computers.

I use a program called ipodder. It doesn't care if you have an iPod or another brand of MP3 player. If you have a player other than an Apple branded player, ipodder can upload the MP3 files into Windows Media Player. WMP can upload MP3s to all other brands.

Ipodder also has a large list of good Podcasts to check out. Podcasts, you need to check them out. If you get in now, you can still call yourself an early adopter.

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