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Artists Sue Sony is reporting that the Allman Brothers and Cheap Trick are suing Sony for underpaying them for online sales. I don't know whether it is true, but it makes my heart light and giddy when I hear about artists standing up to large corporations that treat their customers like criminals and destroy computers with illegal (I don't know if it is really illegal or not, but it should be.) rootkit technologies posing as "digital rights" management.

Digital Rights is such a joke. I know they aren't protecting my rights. Rather this DRM only serves to circumvent my rights to use my lawfully acquired music the way I want.

I also have a major bone to pick with Sony because their rootkit rendered my work computer useless. I lost a lot of unrecoverable data because their software "bricked" my dual processor behemoth. I listened to Switchfoot's latest album on my computer and then a few months later I couldn't boot my machine because those morons made their drivers load even in safe mode. I was left with only one option. I had to rebuild my computer which robbed me of days of productivity.

So, I say go Allman Brothers, and go Cheap Trick. Get out of your contract if you are in one, and leave Sony behind. They are evil, evil, evil.


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