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Televisions with Frikkin Lasers attached to their Heads!!

Check out this NYTimes article about a new rear projection TV that Mitsubishi has just announced. Apparently, the "Big M" has developed a new TV that uses multi colored lasers to produce the images on the screen rather than the old fashioned lightbulb. It looks crazy cool, and only serves to make me more hesitant to buy a new television.

Will I ever have HD in my house?


Blogger Nelson said...

Why is it that anytime I see the word "Frikkin" or "Laser", I automatically kick into Dr. Evil voice mode? I swear...I'm about to go into a meeting, and I'm 100% sure some form of Austin Powers comment will enter into the conversation, and in dialect, too.

I saw the article about the laser TV...nifty idea...I just hope it will be an inexpensive alternative to DLP / Plasma / LCD technologies.

1:35 PM

Blogger SuperAmanda said...

Wow, this is more news. I JUST HEARD THAT ALL DVDS ARE GOING HD! And now all our dvds will soon join our vhs and cassette tapes!

8:45 PM


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