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Ben's Game - Make-a-Wish

I just saw a great story about a young man named Ben Duskin a nine year old from San Francisco who is now in remission from Leukemia. He was given a wish from the Make a Wish foundation and he decided to design a video game that kind of told his story as a cancer patient. Don't get me wrong, I downloaded the game and it is kind of fun, but instead of shooting aliens or something, you are battling cancer and its effects. It is kind of cool.

But, back to ben... He told the Make-a-Wish foundation that he wanted to design a game, so they went to work. MaW contacted a number of game developers out there and received no interest. There were some big names on the list that I was surprised said no.

After contacting multiple game companies a guy at LucasARTS said that he was interested in helping out. So for 6 months he and Ben would meet at his office on Tuesdays. Their hard worked resulted in a neat little game. You should check it out.


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