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2 goodbyes

I have two sorrowful goodbyes. The first is for an extremely gifted actor who died on Friday July 2nd... The Great Marlon Brando. I have to admit that I am too young to have seen Mr. Brando in his prime. Everything I have seen of his was a re-run except The Freshman. He was a very creative actor who poured himself into his roles and portrayed his characters in a very creative, innovative manner. I really enjoyed The Godfather, which I saw last year for the first time. I loved it. Mr. Brando was extremely interesting in the role of Vito Corleone. Wow... You will be missed.

I also want to say goodbye to Patrick Norton from the Screensavers. He said his goodbye on Thursday's The Screensavers. The Screensavers is moving to a new studio in Los Angeles and Patrick Norton has decided not to go with the rest of The Screensavers. First Leo Laporte and now Patrick. I hope the show doesn't lose its way without its captain. I like Kevin Rose, but he is so young.

Here is to the future of The Screensavers. Don't screw it up G4! And, I want you to start showing it at 11:00PM again. Who cares about Anime Unleashed... I don't.

MurDog OUT!!!


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