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Where Has MurDog Been?

I hope to have a little more regularity when it comes to blogging. I have been Uber-busy for about the past month. Every year around Christmas, I help Crossland Construction put together their corporate Christmas party. It is great fun, but it takes up a ton of time... Time usually devoted to other pursuits such as blogging, and Halo 2. I have been lagging severely in both lately. (I went on Xbox Live yesterday and was absolutely LIT UP by everyone. I have got to get some practice in.)

Anyway, back to the Crossland thing, we put together (Josh G and I) over 50 videos. That is a ton! We helped them put together an awards banquet a la MTV Music Awards. Pretty cool.

Imagine a room of about 700 rowdy construction workers and their bosses. It is no easy task keeping them occupied for 2 hours much less interested. It is quite a task.

This year we did a Pimp My Ride/Overhaulin'/American Chopper theme. We even put together a short 4 episode Mock TV show called Pimpin' Your Truck. We took one of the Crossland Supervisor's trucks and pimped it out while video taping the whole process. It turned out surprisingly good.

Needless to say, after all that editing, I had no energy for blogging. But, Now I am done, and I am back. I hope to do some serious blogging over the holiday season.

Dog OUT!!!


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