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Windows XP Service Pack 2

I am currently downloading the Service Pack 2 update from Microsoft. I have a fast pipe (cable modem) but it is still taking forever. I don't know if their site is being hit really hard or if there is something wrong.

I am going to install it on my laptop, and I am a little nervous. Josh, a guy I work with, has a laptop, and he lost the ability to put it to sleep when he installed XPSP2. I like being able to put my laptop to sleep in meetings so that it isn't open and making noise when I don't need it, but it starts really quickly as soon as I open the lid.

On Josh's laptop it would freeze when he tried to sleep it or hibernate. I use both of those functions all the time. I will let you know what happens to me. I am interested to see if anyone else has had these problem with their laptops.

I am out...(43.80 MB of 110.00 MB) sheesh


Blogger Jason said...

well, i installed SP2 on my notebook at work last week. Took forever. The only thing I really didn't like was how it took over IE and made you use it's pop up blocker. It even mentioned you didn't have to use google toolbar in the setup. Weird. I quickly turned that off along with the firewall junk. Pushed me to switch over to Firefox. See you later IE. You'r dumb.

8:58 AM

Blogger Nelson said...

I downloaded XPSP2 but couldn't install it because I only had like 200Mb of free space on my hard drive (stupid raw video footage is a space hog!). I know I have it downloaded, but I can't seem to find it to run it now that I've freed up my disk. Any thoughts???

Man, Jason...sure gave IE the verbal lashing there. You know you're not supposed to speak badly of Microsoft products...they have ears...and they'll find you...and destroy you. They're everywhere.

4:30 PM


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