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Kevin Rose is Leaving G4

I know the vast majority of you who read this blog probably have no idea what or whom I am talking about, but for those of you who do, Keven Rose just posted on his blog that Friday May 27th is his last day on G4.

Over the past year, I have seen my favorite show disintegrate before my eyes. Kevin Rose used to be on a show called The Screensavers. It was the flagship show on the now defunct TechTV channel.

It took forever for our cable company here in NWA to get that station, so the only time I could watch the show was when I was at someone's house that had direcTV.

The Screensavers was a cool show because it talked about computers and other geeky stuff in a way that wasn't to overly geeky, but let's face it, I am a geek so what am I talking about?

About a year ago or so, G4 a video game channel based out of LA bought out TechTV and gutted it's lineup keeping just a few of the shows. Then, once the TechTV shows were on G4, the G4 management kept monkeying with the show until it was almost completely unrecognizable from what it was when it was in San Francisco.

The only reason I kept watching the show was there were two people from the original series whom I liked. Kevin Rose and Sarah Lane were on the original so I watched the show to hear from them. Well the big news today is that Kevin Rose is now leaving. I have said this before in my blog, but I believe we are coming perilously close to me not watching ever again.

The Silver Lining

The great news is that Kevin is leaving to start a new venture that sounds right up my ally. I mean I enjoy playing Halo and some other video games, but video games don't define my existence so G4 doesn't really appeal to me. Kevin is basically starting a new typ of network. He is leveraging the Internet and RSS to start a new type of network. One that talks about technology and the things I enjoyed about TechTV.

Again, if none of this makes sense to you, then this message isn't for you. Sorry.

Sad and excited,
MurDog OUT!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Heey man,
i understand what you are saying, i ramdomly went into your site and saw the news about techtv and G4, man at the beginning it seemed not a bad idea. But the shows they scrapped really kept me ticked off, like the Screen Savers (what would a tech tv do without it?) and Call for Help. This is rediculous. Anyway just want u to know that there are thousands of other geeks that share your pain. Hopefully Systm will bring back some of void back. Oh and call for help comes in canada, cuz cdns really complained for the show being cancelled and now it takes place in Toronto and is owned by Rogers Television. Leo Laport is the main host along with other cdn guests and I m pretty sure Kevin Rose will be joining them June 15. Thats tommorw :).

Leo comments that they are doing everything they can to get the show to run at US. Hey us canadians dont get all the breaks, we dont even get Anime Unleashed like u guys do.


8:03 PM

Blogger Jonah said...

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1:13 AM

Blogger Jonah said...

I've watched the channel go from Techtv to G4-Techtv & now the ultiment low.....G4. Ever since "G4" took over They've ruined everything I loved & enjoyed from the channle.Starting with cramming mindless shows about Video Games with no point between TechTV's shows & killing the web site's forums by adding everything we didn't want... they added pics, icons, confusing layouts, it just sucks... and the site is really mest up!!Next,Then to top it all off, they fired LEO & patrick from TSS and Call For Help!Then, soon later dropped the shows & now are replaced with even more crap!& instead of The Screen Savers we now have "Attack of the show!" Witch is basically a veideo blog about......Nothing! Sure they sprinkle little bits & peices of Tech info but it will never be techtv! & with kevin Rose leaving to start he's own online show with some of the old hosts I can only hope them the best of luck & I'am happy to be able to at least get back a little of what "G4" has taken away from us!

also cheak out these sites (copy & paste)


1:59 AM

Anonymous dUbK said...

I have watched since about 2000 and went from seeing a network I loved and regretted missing a show especially the screen savers to dread seeing what they even have on. The G4 network has completely destroyed a once great for us geeks but also very accessible to the newb. They went from having real and genuinely entertaining people to replacing them all with unentertaining fake people. I think sarah was okay when everyone else was on the show but now with her being a cohost we really get to see how boring and fake she really is. Anyway I have been wanting to get this rant off my chest for a while I'm out.

3:04 AM

Anonymous dUbK said...

Word to Leo, Pat, Kevin, Yoshi, Martin, Chris and the rest of the original TechTV crew wherever you all are.

3:07 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know what all of you are saying. Although i am not the ultimate tech guy, shows like that really helped me out when i did have a problem. I am a video game fanatic and am currently spending half my time playing WoW. However, what they have done is so wrong. Just another example of mainstreaming if i can use that term correctly. The have turned a great idea into a mediocre thought:( An then to add salt to an open wound they add that show in "The Whip Set" with Big i like cars just the same however that show is way out of place. They need to just call it G4 cuse there is no remnant of the original Tech TV that we all know. I had to change the dam channel finally when they did that. (Wow mom we have 90 other channels other than Tech Tv...Ohhhh Adult Swim!)

2:16 AM

Anonymous Graybear said...

I hear you!!! I watched techtv for years on Directv. I started watching when it was called ZDTV, back in 1998 until Kevin left G4. I was the most tech informative channel on tv and when they went to G4 it went down hill fast. It will be greatly missed.

5:09 PM


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