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Ubuntu Ubuntu Ubuntu

What is a newb to do? There is some update that screws up my version of Ubuntu. And, I don't know which one. The problem is I can't update my version. I want to have the latest version, but I don't want to sit through another laborious install. hmm... what to do?

See if you can make something of it.



Blogger Nelson said...

Seems like you should have gone with a Mac...but at least the geek in you is getting to run wild and free messing with Ubuntu!

10:58 PM

Blogger Murray Williams said...

Mac = $1200
Ubuntu = $0

8:13 AM

Blogger Nelson said...

Good point.

8:53 AM

Blogger Brett said...

Hours of lost productivity troubleshooting that free install of Ubuntu = 20+
Mac = $1200
Having a computer that doesn't require troubleshooting = Priceless

Of course, I'm exaggerating here... I'm not so much of a fanboy to say that Macs don't ever have problems. Nor am I rich enough to say that $1200 isn't much money.

But I will say that using my Mac so far has been very problem free and easy - like they say: "It just works".

11:51 AM

Blogger Murray Williams said...

Macs Rule! There is no doubt. My next Compy may very well be a Mac.

I am taking contributions =)

10:17 PM


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