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Yahoo Pipes

I don't quite know what this means yet to me, but this is definitely something. I don't know anything about it yet, but this is definitely something.

If you are a coder or some other mega-geek, I would love a better explanation.

But, it looks like a great way to get automated news searches ported to an RSS feed that you can then build a wicked cool site or something. This is definitely something.


Blogger Nelson said...

I read about Pipes on today. As far as I can tell, it's a filter for RSS feeds. So if you read Lifehacker and only like the articles written by one of the writers, you can create a pipe to filter your feed down to only their articles. Still in RSS style.

This could be really nifty, though I can't think how quite yet. But I'm guessing the word "Pipes" will be all over the place here shortly.

4:58 PM


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