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Ubuntu Singing

Alright, for the 10's of you following this string, I have gotten Ubuntu up and running correctly. I wrote a couple of days ago that there were some problems with updating Ubuntu successfully. Well, I think I have figured it out. Instead of using the Symantic thingy, I started using the Add/Remove programs thing under Applications and I think it worked.

I went through a complete update and all seems to be well. I have the latest versions of all the programs that came with Ubuntu and all seems to be working. I still am a long way from completely understanding this OS, but at least it isn't broken.

I tried to upload the latest version of the OS and I couldn't get it to install. So, I am a version behind in the actual OS. But aside from that, I do have all the latest apps in this older version.

Hopefully, Ubuntu will work out whatever problem I was experiencing so that I can update the OS in the future, but in the meantime, all seems good.

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