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Great Local Music from Israel

I went to a music show (concert) last Sunday night at a venue in Fayetteville that was surprisingly good. There were three bands on the ticket. I went there to hear one specifically. They are called Very Special Guest. Two of the guys in the band, Jordan Carpenter and Jake Goss, played with me earlier in the day at FSM. After we finished playing they told me about the show and I told them I would try and go.

I thought their band was the only band playing, so I was surprised to hear that they were scheduled to play last. I had to pay $8.00 to see the show so the more bands the merrier.

The biggest surprise was the first band. They were called Man Alive and they were a Christian band from Israel. They were really good. It was cool listening to the guys go through the sound check speaking hebrew. Very interesting. After they worked through some issues with the sound, they started their part of the show. All their songs were in english, but since they were a punk band it was tough to hear the words anyway.

I was very impressed at how tight they were as a band, and how different each song sounded. It was a very fun show. I bought their CD. I'm sure they could use the cash to pay for the plane tickets home.

The second band to play was a band from Florida called The Kick. They reminded me a lot of Jet. Their front man was a bald guy who did a great job of getting the crowd into the show. He was charismatic and all over the place. Again, they were surprisingly good.

The last band was the one that I went to see. Jordan Carpenter, the guy who played bass for me earlier in the day headed up Very Special Guest, and Jake Played the drums. The VSG guys are all James Brown freaks, and it is very evident when you see one of their shows. One of the best songs was a song they called James Brown. It starts out with a funky guitar line and then breaks loose into a full-on jam. The only words are James Brown. It is hilarious. After puttin' the funk into the crowd for a while, Jordan calls for the band to bring it down and then they do hits. "Gimme 4 hits"... Da Da Da Da. AHHHH Yeah! Jordan then asked the crowd..."How many hits?", the answer was 47. VSG then did 47 hits in a row. It was a riot.

I had a great time, and more people need to go and see VSG

MurDog OUT!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your blog was the only thing I could find on the net about VSG (friends I went to school with). Glad to see someone out ther promoting them.

9:51 AM


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