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Mary Hadley's First Recital is Coming

This Saturday night is Mary Hadley's first dance recital. It starts at 6:30 and will be held at The Walton Arts Center in Fayetteville. Mary Hadley has been going to dance class all year learning how to dance.

I have been to a number of recitals, and I know for the general public a dance recital could be one of the most boring events to attend. But now that I am a daddy, confidentially, I can't wait to see my daughter doing a dance with her class. It is going to be really neat.

I have put a link to a video I made earlier this year of Mary Hadley in her dance class on the front page of my main site, You will need Real Player to see it. If you don't have it installed you can get a free version of the Real Player at

Enjoy the video and I will give you the rundown after the big event.


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