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Good Free Spam Filtering!

Now my blog sounds like spam. Sorry about that, but I just found what seems to be a really good product for filtering spam out of your Outlook email box. It runs right inside Outlook, it finds and removes all the spam you receive pretty darn well, and it is free.

I know you are asking yourself right now, what is the catch... and as far as I can tell, there isn't any. The program is call Spambayes, and it is an open-source program. Programmers have come together to build a program for the betterment of society... can you believe that? Well, neither can I. They do have a paid version that gives you some more options, but for regular joes like you and me this product works pretty well.

I first heard about it on The Screen Savers, a tv show on TechTV last night. One of the guys on the show, Leo Laporte, did a quick segment. He has a quick page that will give you the low-down on how to use Spambayes.

I will say that you need to read all the instructions because the download and install a bit tricky, but don't let that scare you. It is worth a little reading.

I am using it right now on my laptop, and it seems to work pretty well. Granted, I almost only get spam on the email account that I access on my laptop, but I trained Spambayes what I thought was spam and now it does a bang up job of cleaning it out! I may even start using my email box again.

Read the article by Leo, and then download the program, and then read the instructions and baby it should do you up good. I think it is cool so far. If I find something I don't like about it I will blog it immediately.

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