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Blogger is Updated

Blogger, the program I use to do this blog just updated their interface which means that I will be able to add some new things to this blog. I don't know if this is new, but there is a way to allow comments which means that my blog will become a little more interactive. You will be able to respond to my blogs. Neato.

NOT TO MENTION the new look and feel of this blog. (Ed Note..When this blog was written, I was test driving a new blog template. If it now looks like it always has then I didn't like the new look. It's my site... I can do that...)

The Birthday Weekend is Over

It has been great. I had an awesome birthday weekend. I am now 32. Holy smoke. What is up with that? As you can see by the pictures in the blog below, Megan and I did some major work in the backyard so it was really cool having all my friends over for my big birthday bash. I felt really proud of our house. (Not in the sinful way... the healthy way... get off my back...) There is a link to a picture in the blog below that shows how much we did. It is pretty amazing since I am basically a lazy guy who used to not like yard work.

I took a lot of pictures this weekend, but I havn't had the time to get them all published to my site. Be looking for those.

More Blogger Fun for Me

Another cool thing that blogger added is the ability to update this blog through email. I want to see how that works, so I am sure the blog above this one will be all about posting through email. You mark my words if it works it will be... IT WILL BE...

MurDog OUT!!!


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