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Charity is Going to Give Birth

After two false starts, Charity is going to give birth to a boy today down in Fayetteville. I just received a cell phone call from Megan to tell me that they have just give Charity the ok to start pushing... so that means that any time, Megan and I will have a new nephew. We will try and get some pictures up as soon as we get them.

More Excitement

We are surrounded with excitement today. Marilyn (my mother-in-law) had to go to the emergency room. She was experiencing severe allergic reactions to a insect bite. Megan and I were headed to the donut store and we received a call from Marilyn to tell us that she was in the Emergency room. Megan told me to turn the truck around and we headed to Washington regional. When we got there, we dropped her off. The kiddos and I headed on to the donut store. (Megan and I didn't didn't want to make the kids wait in the waiting room.)

After the kids and I had eaten some donuts Megan called us to let us know that Marilyn was ok. So this has been an exciting day to say the least. We will get back to you soon with the details on the baby.

MurDog OUT!!


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