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Cirque Du Soleil
Holy Cow, that was awesome. I have seen Cirque on tv and thought to myself "that looks pretty weird, I don't know if I would like that." But, it was really cool. The performers did some really amazing things.

Cirque does a great job of keeping things moving and having multiple things happening at once. There is always something to look at.

My favorite part was a very interesting and fresh take on a trapeze act. High above the stage there were six performers who all had their own trapeze. They were arranged in a circle which means as you looked up there was a performer swinging at the 11:00 position and 1:00...3:00...5:00...7:00... and 9:00 all swinging at the same time. 3:00 and 9:00 were men and the rest were ladies. What made the performance interesting was that each of the performers had bungee cords attached to either side of bodies at the hips. The performers would swing for a while and then fly off the trapeze and bounce on the bungee cords in unison. It looked really neat.

Debbie's Experiences
Debbie Osborn and Josh Graber are with me on this trip. I work with them at Fellowship. We all do media stuff for the church. We are all here to see all the latest and greatest technology so that we can be current and know what the church needs to stay current.

But enough with that. It seems like any trip you take, one person has all the interesting experiences. You know, strange people talk to them, or there are weird things that happen, and it normally isn't one thing, the strangeness usually comes in waves. On this trip, Debbie is that person.

The first night we were here, as Debbie was heading towards one of the public restrooms in Caesar's Palace she ran into a man who must have just eaten a big meal. He was walking toward Debbie looking toward the ground with his shirt pulled half-way up his fat belly and he was rubbing his belly with both hands while groaning quietly. Before Debbie and Mr. Groaner knew it they were face to face. The man looked up and realized that he was doing this in public, and more importantly right in front of Debbie and said, "oh... sorry". Groaner through his head back down and sheepishly and quickly walked down the hall.

It takes a special man to reveal his fat belly while rubbing it and groaning in a place as full of people as a Casino in Las Vegas.

No Pics for Monday
I did take a couple of pictures yesterday, but not nearly as many as the first night we were here. I will post them later. Along with some explanations of some cool products I saw yesterday. I will undoubtedly think they are cooler than you will but.... that is ok.

MurDog OUT


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