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At the Airport and Leaving

Well, this brings to an end my trip to Vegas. I am sitting in the airport terminal as I write this, and all the latest pictures I have taken are checked in my luggage. I am sure by the time you are reading this you will be able to see all the pictures but right now, I can't upload them.

It's Thursday, and we didn't go to NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) Convention. We slept-in and got some much needed rest. I know you are saying, "There there you pooooor guy. I would hate to have to spend time in Las Vegas. I'm sorry your little feet hurt..." But so what. It was still nice to get a little sleep.

The real hero of this trip is my wife who is keeping the fires burning on the home front. She has been chasing our two kids as well as two other nephews all week without any help. I want to take a second and say that I am blown away at my wife's patience and making it possible for me to come to Vegas. (Believe it or not it was a work trip. We spent a lot of times walking around a convention. We didn't play all the time.

This morning after we got a little sleep we packed up all our bags and checked out. Apparently the Paris Hotel and Casino is giving away Internet because they didn't charge me for using it. That was nice.

After check-out, we jumped in our little white Dodge Neon rental car and headed up the strip to do some last-minute looking. There was an M&M store next to the MGM Grand Hotel that was pretty cool. I hate it that Mary Hadley couldn't have been there to see that. She would have loved it. She would have called it the "MM store. She leaves the "&" out.

The MM store had one of those penny crushing machines. You know, you put in two quarters and one penny and then you turn the crank and it mashes an imprint into the penny. I made two of those for the kiddos that say Las Vegas and M&Ms. One has a picture of the girl M&M (green), I figure I will give that one to Mary Hadley. The other one has a picture of the famous "Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas" sign. I don't know why I like those smashed pennies so much, but I think they are cool.

After the M&M store, we headed over to the big Coca-Cola store next door. I didn't do much shopping, we were just killing some time.

We left from the Coca-Cola store and got into Neo the Neon and drove to the Airport where I am sitting right now.

If I look up from my laptop, there is about 100 - 200 slot machines blinking and singing their song. I guess this is the last chance to "Hit it Big".

I didn't do much or really any gambling this week. It just doesn't seem like much fun. I would rather ride roller coasters and go and see cool shows. We saw Mystere (Cirque Du Soleil) and The Blue Man Group. I highly recommend both shows. They were really neat. Both shows did a great job of including the audience in the experience. Although, I was a little nervous at the Blue Man show. The Blue Men are cool to look at just as long as they stay a good distance away. They are kind of in the same category as Clowns... by that I mean, I am a little freaked out by people whose features are obscured by makeup or masks. There is something spooky about not know who someone is.

I'm glad there is no gambling in Northwest Arkansas... It is a little smarmy. Trashy. But still it is neat to experience what Las Vegas has to offer. This is truly another world.


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