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I Ubb Ooo Daddy

Wyatt is in the process of learning how to speak. It is a wonderful time getting to watch my little man learn how to communicate. As he has grown, I could see him get more and more frustrated at not being able to tell us something. Wyatt was finding that groans no longer were enough to speak what was forming in his ever expanding universe.

He held out for a long time. He refused to start speaking. Mary Hadley was an early starter. She was speaking from an early date, but my little man held out.

He is now 2 years and 5 months old and he is now learning how to communicate. These days are blessed. I don't know why I love to hear him mispronounce words so much, but I do. In fact, I know that some day we are going to have to correct him so he doesn't sound like a blathering idiot at school, but for the time being I revel in the mispronuciations.

Within the last month or two, we have taught him to say I love you. He can't quite say it, but he definitely understands the meaning. (As well as a two year old can I guess...)

When I get home from work, Wyatt runs up to me and gives me a big hug and says "I Ubb Oo Daddeee"... My heart Jumps. It is fantastic. I know I am not the first dad in the world to experience this, but who cares. I love it... it is awesome.

There is a day that will come way to soon when Wyatt and Mary Hadley will be teenagers and they won't be so expressive with their love. But until then, I will eat up all the lovin' I can get.

I Ubb Ooo too little man.

MurDog OUT


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