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Testing from My Gmail Account

This seems to be working really well. The only proble that I am
seeing is the Blogger server is sending me an error email whenever I
send an email to my blog. It still publishes ok, but I get an error
message. Oh well, this is the first day of this so a couple of bugs
ok with me. I am sure they will iron this out.

I also figured out that if you send a formatted HTML email, Blogger
will keep your formatting which is cool on one hand because you could
make a really cool looking blog, but on the other hand, is not so good
because inadvertantly, you could send in blogs that don't look
anything like the look and feel of your page.

Let's not get too technical. After this blog, it will be back to
business as usual. The testing of the new Blogger features is now

MurDog OUT!!!