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Now You Can Make Comments

There is a comment feature now available if you are interested. If there is something you like or dislike about one of my posts, or you just want to say hi, click on the comments link at the bottom of any of my newer posts and make your comment. The link will take you to a page that will ask you for a username and password. If you are user then enter your username and password so that we can know who you are. If you are not a user then you can post anonymously. If you do, at least leave a screen name or something.

Have fun with the comments.

MurDog OUT!!!

PS. I just added a new section there to the right called "links" these are links to blogs that belong to my friends. You need to check those out too. (Jason is working on his right now so it might not be up right now, but it will be soon from what I here!)


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