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Chicago Pic for the Day

Originally uploaded by Headless Agnew.
Thanks Headless for this beautiful night shot of Chicago.

On another note, have you heard of podcasting. I have talked about it on this blog before, but I am obsessed. I can't get enough of them right now. I love them.

I hook up my iPod, sync it and boom, I have content. I love it. The problem with radio is that you have to have a radio that picks up the station wherever you go if you want to listen. Not to mention that the stuff on radio is unbearably boring.

I like podcasting because I can listen to the most geeky junk and no one has to know.

Right now I am in Fayetteville. I am going to Best Buy to pick up some RAM for my wife's computer. I am using her computer to sync my iPod and it gets bogged down doing that. I checked the box and found out that she only had like 256MB of RAM. It wasn't that long ago that that was a ton of RAM, but now if you are running XP you might as well be in slow motion walking through thick mud.

The Grove

For those of you in Northwest Arkansas, I will be leading worship in The Grove next Sunday night (June 5th). Wow, that sounds like self-promotion, but it isn't it's just that I am really excited to lead there again. It has been a long time...too long.

Much Love to the People
MurDog OUT!!!


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