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iTunes 4.9

I am sure it is old news by now, but the new version of iTunes is out that has podcast-catching or podcatching capabilities.

It is not immediately apparent how to subscribe to podcasts that aren't listed in the iTunes library, but it is possible. Click on 'Advanced' and then 'Subscribe to Podcast...'. That will open a dialog box where you can put in the RSS feed for the podcast.

The Roger and Jason Show on iTunes

Mad Props to the Roger and Jason Show... You guys are listed. If you go to the podcast listings in iTunes and do a search for "Roger Jason", their show will pop up and you can subscribe. I am very jealous.

Download the new version and start listening to podcasts.

A Brand New Podcast

It isn't released yet, but here is a super-secret podcast.

Copy and paste that URL in the iTunes the way I explain above, and you will be one of the very first subscribers to Fellowship Bible Church of Northwest Arkansas' newest podcast, The Changed Life Project.

Have Fun!

MurDog OUT!!!


Blogger Laura said...

Murdog, hey, it's Laura Holder. Enjoyed you on the Roger and Jason Show. Nice. Looks like this podcast thing is a hit in NWA. Just hanging out in Nashvegas still, working in the music industry doing web design. Hope all is well with you! visit my blog if you get a chance...i'm doing a "Top 10 Cd's of the Moment" right now. Have a good one!

1:02 PM


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