Murray Williams lives and works in Northwest Arkansas. He tries to keep his blog up-to-date, but the pressures of life squeeze in and sometimes he just doesn't have the time. You can check out his full site at


Nick Roland

Nick Roland


Blogger Jaime said...

me gusta su novia... ella estaba en mi clase. ¿por qué está él en tu blog, murdog?

5:33 PM

Blogger Nelson said...

Nick may be the studliest, handsomest, guitarliest person I've ever met.

Of course, I don't really get out very much...

6:00 PM

Blogger Murray Williams said...

To answer Jaime... I have asked her to contribute, but she doesn't want to... I will relay to her your interest though... we'll see what she says.

MurDog OUT!!!

9:32 PM


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