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MurDog Podcast Test Run

MurDog Podcast 001 - is now available. This is a test podcast. Right now I don't have any plans to do podcasts on this blog, but who knows. I might in the future.

What I am really doing is testing whether my Podcasting RSS feed is working correctly or not. I am using to host it. If you don't know what podcasting is then you might as well download the file above and learn about it. Even if you don't pursue it any further, at least when people who talk about it, you will know what's up!

Links from the show:

Roger And Jason Show

iPodder Software and Info

Podcast Alley - a place to find some cool podcasts

Fellowship Bible Church's Sunday Morning Message Podcast Feed

Fellowship Bible Church's Saturday Night Message Podcast Feed

MurDog OUT!!!


Blogger Murray Williams said...

It Works!!! Hooray!!!

3:25 PM

Blogger Jason said...

sounds good Murray. Your sound quality is real good.

5:32 PM

Blogger Nelson said...

I'd like to send a HUGE thanks for podcasting the Fellowship sermons! I really hate having to go get them manually when I have the free I don't have to worry about it at all!

If only the Grove would start podcasting...

9:59 PM

Blogger Murray Williams said...

Well... it is only a matter of time I bet.... You know Jason is a podcaster and he is a Grove Staff the math

6:42 PM


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