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Two Cool Blogs

of particular interest to Jason Miller and my dad

I found some pretty cool blogs this morning as I surfed for a few seconds before work. The first one,, is by a striking young chinese american as best as I can figure from my quick perusal (I could be wrong...), but she writes about cooking and cuisine. From my very quick glance it appears that she is quite well-travelled and, she has a very funny and approachable writing style.

Her blog entries are quite long and well thought out...unlike some of the jewels you will find here at the MurDog Blog. I really enjoyed looking at her blog, and I look forward to reading more. And, I know Jason Miller has really gotten into cooking recently so I immediately thought of him when I was reading this blog.

The second blog that caught my attention made me think of my dad. Dad just recently bought an incredible coffee machine that grinds the beans, loads the water, brews the coffee, and then automatically gets rid of the grounds all by itself. I haven't had a cup yet, but apparently it makes great coffee. He has been raving. But, back to the site I found. It's the Coffee and Caffeine Blog. I haven't read much of it, but it looks pretty interesting. Check 'em out.

MurDog OUT!!!


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