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Gas Prices are Out of Control!

Gas prices are at $2.75 a gallon as of today and only going up. Enough is enough! This is getting ridiculous. Am I supposed to believe that 35ยข a gallon worth gasoline came from the oil derricks directly affected by Hurricane Katrina? That is utterly ridiculous! This is price gouging of the worst variety because it makes people in the petroleum market rich while us poor saps who just want to get to work pay at the pump.

BOOOOO HISSSSS! I am sick of this! Are there any ideas out there? I don't want to hear about supply and demand because what we are seeing today has NOTHING to do with that. It is opportunistic people taking advantage of a tragic situation on the gulf coast. And we are paying for it....

MurDog OUT!!!


Blogger Nelson said...

I heard a rumor about some rich guy wanting to build a mass transit (read: train system) here in NWA. I'd be TOTALLY down with that! Think of all the fun sounds you could record on a train ride everyday with that iRiver!

6:43 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just found a great new website that is mapping the gas prices across the US. I was able to save a few bucks on my last fill up.

4:45 PM


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