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A small tribute to a friend I lost

---Downer Alert---

One of my best friends from High School died in a car wreck while on a fishing trip in Lousiana. I don't know any of the details except I know he wasn't fact, he was asleep and the car he was in was hit by an oncoming Semi. One minute sleeping, the next minute eating a Swiss Cake Roll with Jesus. (I have a theory that the first thing you will do when you get to Heaven is get two Swiss Cake Rolls and a big, frosty glass of milk. Theological? Probably not. But, Swiss Cake Rolls are dang good.)

My friend's name was Heath Massey, and he was born just 20 days after me. We lived in the same neighborhood growing up and went to the same schools all the way until we graduated.

After graduation, we lost contact. I went on to the U of A and I don't know what he did, anyway we just started doing different things.

Many years passed and just about 4 months ago, a face from my past was standing outside my door at the office. It was Heath. We talked for a while and got a chance to catch up. It was really neat. Little did I know that this was God's opportunity for us to say goodbye. I now treasure those moments...I didn't know it would be the last time I would see him.

I went to the funeral today. I saw his parents, but I didn't really get the chance to go and talk to them. They were inundated with well-wishers. I don't know if I made the right choice or not, but I felt I was just heaping my sentiment on the avalanche of other sentiments offered. I want to tell them that I hurt for them, and that I treasure my time I had with their son, and that I wouldn't be where I am today without Heath having invited me to New Life Ranch for summer camp back in 1981.

When Heath and I hung out, we did what all adolescents do. We got into trouble. We lived a life that looks nothing like the one I live now, but the spark of friendship burns brightly.

Our lives have turned out radically different, but I know that tonight, Heath is singing praises to the King in Heaven, because we have the same spiritual heritage...Summers in Colcord Oklahoma at a camp called New Life Ranch.

I love you Heath Massey...I will miss you... Save some room at the table for me.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I knew Heath Massey from a previous job where we worked together. He was a very kind and gentle guy. He was full of vigor and had such aspirations. I ran into our old supervisor the other day, and he told me of Heath's passing. I was stunned. It's a shame to have to say 'goodbye' to someone so amiable; of course, we're all leaving this life at one point, but our earthly selves cannot get past the finality of seeing someone go on before us-- especially at the age Heath was.
Heath wasn't my first friend to die in a vehicle driven by another. This scenario always reminds me of how precarious life is, how little notice most of us are given before we die-- no matter how "in control" we like to think of ourselves as being. We cannot possibly manage our lives so as to avoid all danger. It's best to trust in Christ and live for Him. Then, we will have no need to fear that thing we all must eventually experience.
I hope to see Heath again one day among my other friends, worshiping The Saviour.

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