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Kids and the Cold

Welcome to the middle of winter. Mary Hadley and Wyatt are hacking and coughing, and it doesn't seem to want to go away. I find myself washing my hands quite a bit in an effort to avoid catching the cold myself. So far, so good.

Poor Wyatt, last night at dinner he ate just a little bit of his food and then asked for some Jell-o. Around here, we take one big bite off the top of the Jell-0 to make room for some frozen whipped topping. I took his spoon and dug out a healthy bite of Jell-o and gave it to him. He looked like a chipmunk with all the Jell-o in his mouth. I dug out a big chunk of frozen whipped topping and put it in the Jell-o.

I looked up and Wyatt still had a mouth full. I told him to chew up the Jell-o and swallow it. Wyatt had a strange look on his face. I told him, "Chew it up buddy and swallow it." Just about them he threw up on the counter. Then he threw up again, and again, and one more time for good measure. Poor guy.

Megan and I cleaned up the mess and put Wyatt in the tub. He has been ok ever since. Parenthood



Blogger Nelson said...

I'm just learning about this whole sickness in the family ordeal. Emma's been coughing and hacking for the past 2 weeks. Allison got it, then I got it. I have a feeling we're just passing it onto each other as soon as we're about to get over it! What a mean, vicious cycle!

Thankfully, Emma hasn't thrown up...let alone gone on a vomiting spree like Wyatt. I got ill just reading about him throwing up and y'all having to clean it up. The smell is what gets me. Ick.

8:52 PM

Blogger Murray Williams said...

It is amazing what you can do when it is your child. I could never clean up the vomit of a stranger. But, since it is my child I don't even bat an eye. Love is a strong motivator. I guess that is proved through numerous diaper changes.


9:20 PM

Blogger Nelson said...

That's certainly true. I guess it's good to be a guy sometimes, since I get prouder of Emma the worse her diapers smell! That's totally gotta be a guy thing.

9:24 PM


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