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Back From KC

I don't have the energy to post a full blog about everything that happened in KC with the Junior Highers right now, but be looking for it in the future... though I don't really promise anything. I may get distracted and start writing about other things. But, it was great. I am really happy with everything that happened. I think it went smoother than last year in spite of the fact that I was the only staff member there. I had great help from my leaders. And, our students did a great job.

Overall it was pretty easy. I spent my time wandering around from team to team to see what they were doing. I also handled any emergencies as they came up. It seemed to work pretty well. I only had to get heavy on some students once. They were doing some silly stuff that they knew better than doing. Listen to me, I sound like a bona fide adult. That's sick. But someone has to be the adult. That is what Fellowship was paying me to do while I was there.

More later maybe. When my brain gets a little rest, I will write more.