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For those of you who use RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed readers to gather your news. Here is my list of geeky RSS feeds. This is what I read. It is an XML Page that you can download and upload to your favorite RSS program. There are 46 feeds here. More tech info than you could read even if you were trapped on a deserted island...(one with wi-fi I guess).

If you don't have any RSS Program, here is a program that I use. RSSReader. It is a simple program that is pretty useful. If you want to give it a try, download it and install it. Then come back to this post and right-click on my list of geeky RSS feeds above and save the file to your desktop. Open RSSReader and click File; then click Import feeds" and then find the XML file you saved to your desktop and double-click it. And then, voila, you have more tech news streaming to you computer than you will know what to do with.

I like it because it goes to the websites I like and gets the articles for me so that I don't have to surf around everytime I want to sit down with my laptop and read. I like it.

By the way, RSSReader and other RSS Programs can notify you when I post a new blog entry using this address.


XBOX 360

Xbox 360: seems to be the new name for the next XBOX. I don't know why I have started posting all these rumors on my blog, but I have started and I don't see quitting anytime soon. Also, it takes the pressure off trying to have something interesting or witty to say. I can just rely on the unending supply of rumors that stream across my RSS reader.

MurDog Out