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The MurDog Podcast #02

Hey, it's my second podcast. You know you want it!

Show Notes

Here are some of the things I talked about in this podcast.

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Two Cool Blogs

of particular interest to Jason Miller and my dad

I found some pretty cool blogs this morning as I surfed for a few seconds before work. The first one,, is by a striking young chinese american as best as I can figure from my quick perusal (I could be wrong...), but she writes about cooking and cuisine. From my very quick glance it appears that she is quite well-travelled and, she has a very funny and approachable writing style.

Her blog entries are quite long and well thought out...unlike some of the jewels you will find here at the MurDog Blog. I really enjoyed looking at her blog, and I look forward to reading more. And, I know Jason Miller has really gotten into cooking recently so I immediately thought of him when I was reading this blog.

The second blog that caught my attention made me think of my dad. Dad just recently bought an incredible coffee machine that grinds the beans, loads the water, brews the coffee, and then automatically gets rid of the grounds all by itself. I haven't had a cup yet, but apparently it makes great coffee. He has been raving. But, back to the site I found. It's the Coffee and Caffeine Blog. I haven't read much of it, but it looks pretty interesting. Check 'em out.

MurDog OUT!!!


Chicago Pic of the Day

Originally uploaded by Hidden Peanuts.
You know, I have fallen off the horse on the old Chicago Pic of the Day. But, in celebration of my website moving to a new server, I thought I would hunt down a beautiful picture of a city I love.

I know the Cubbies are a doomed lot, but I can't turn my back on them. I think they are great!

Thank you Hidden Peanuts for the super dope pic!

MurDog OUT!!!

Whew! It is finally working again

I can't believe that I had to work this hard to get my blog back up and running. What the heck? If you take a look at the the time of the last entry and the time on this entry, you will get a little hint at how long I banged on this trying to get it to work.

It took a while, but I am back up and running. I love my blog, but holy cow, the initial setup can be a bit of a beast. Blogger doesn't exactly walk you through the ftp set up. All that aside, I am back up.

Thank You Barry for the Server Space ... You rule!!!

MurDog OUT!!!

My Blog is on a new server!!!

I want to say thank you to Barry Belford of for so graciously hosting my site. This is the first time my website has been hosted locally, so if you are in need of database work, please go and see him.

He is letting me use his servers for free, so I guess I have a sponsor! Thanks Barry!

MurDog OUT!!!


Happy Birthday Dad!!

It is the first day of Summer, and it is my dad's birthday... SO....HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDIO!!!!

We are getting ever-closer to the release of a brand new podcast from Fellowship Bible Church. I believe you will really like it. I don't want to get too far into the details right now, but just know that it is coming very soon!!!!!

Ok... enough with all the repeated punctuation. That is surely an indication that I don't really have anything to say.

MurDog OUT!!!


Nick Roland

Nick Roland