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The Cubbies Did It!!!

Despite my best efforts... the Cubbies did finally win. 7-2!!!!!

Go Cubbies

One More Out Needed

...for the Cub victory..

DANG IT!!!! The Astros just scored another. It is now 7-2. This blog is bad news!!!


Cubs are putting it to the Astros

This has been a really fun game to watch. I like it when the Cubbies really put it to a team they are playing. Right now it is the bottom of the ninth with one out. All we need is 2 outs and we shutout the Astros. I know this probably jinxes them, and right as I was typing this an Astro just got a basehit. Go Cubbies.

Oh no there goes the shutout. I am jinxing them. I had better shut down this blog before I inspire an Astros come-from-behind victory. Right now it is 7-1 in the bottom of the ninth.

Sorry Cubbies

MurDog OUT!!!!

Have You Noticed?

Will car-bombs ever become such a common place occurence in Iraq that someone doing something nice becomes news?

Have You Noticed?

The first thing I throw away when I buy a new box of trash bags is the empty previous box of trash bags.