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Windows XP Service Pack 2

I am currently downloading the Service Pack 2 update from Microsoft. I have a fast pipe (cable modem) but it is still taking forever. I don't know if their site is being hit really hard or if there is something wrong.

I am going to install it on my laptop, and I am a little nervous. Josh, a guy I work with, has a laptop, and he lost the ability to put it to sleep when he installed XPSP2. I like being able to put my laptop to sleep in meetings so that it isn't open and making noise when I don't need it, but it starts really quickly as soon as I open the lid.

On Josh's laptop it would freeze when he tried to sleep it or hibernate. I use both of those functions all the time. I will let you know what happens to me. I am interested to see if anyone else has had these problem with their laptops.

I am out...(43.80 MB of 110.00 MB) sheesh


Hogs Loss Not a Heart Breaker

I am sure there will be a lot of people who are going to be all over the Hogs for losing the game to Texas, but not me. If you look at the game from an objective point of view, there was no reason to believe that the Hogs would even stand a chance against a much stronger Longhorns team. Not only did the Hogs hang with the ‘horns, they were in the game until the very end when an untimely mishap allowed the victory to slip away.

There are a lot of people out there who have an unhealthy love affair with Matt Jones. They believe that he is the second coming. I don’t think that, in fact coming into this season, I believed that teams had him solved. Going through last year, he didn’t really surprise anyone because the secret that he could run was already out. So, coming into this season, I had low expectations. So far though, I have to say I am the one who is surprised. Matt Jones is finally showing the maturity that I had hope to see last season. This should be a really interesting season.

The Hogs come into this season with low expectations due to the fact that they have only one returning senior. They are very young, but so far they have been really fun to watch. The real fun begins when we start playing other SEC teams. Since the expectations are low, if the Hogs do good it is a nice surprise, and if they don’t then oh well, they are in a rebuilding year.

I am interested in seeing the new players. The Billis kid is really neat. It is fun to see a quick fullback who can come into the game and make a difference in his freshman year. I am looking forward to the next three years watching him.

I am pleasantly surprised at the Hogs, and I am not heart-broken at the loss last night. In fact, I think the Longhorns have more to worry about. They are a top-ten team who got a major scare from a team of freshmen. Think about it. It’s going to be another good year for the Sooners, and another heart-breaker for an over-rated Longhorn team.