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Second Loss for the Hogs

The Hogs lost for the second time today. But there is something amazing happening...I am still excited about how the Hogs are doing. The two losses the Hogs have are against two solid opponents whom we were supposed to lose to... The Hogs were not embarrassed today. I know this sounds like I am making excuses for the Hogs, but I'm not. I am surprised that we have looked as strong as we have up to this point.

The Cubbies on the other hand have been under-achieving at exactly the wrong time. What is up Cubbies.... do you want to get in the post-season or what... apparently not. While my heart isn't broken for the Hogs it is for the Cubbies. They have been flying just above mediocrity all year, and now it has come up to bite them. This is the last week of the MLB season, and they are folding...that makes me very unhappy.

Go Hogs... Go Cubs... Tough year for the murdog...