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In Chicago on My B-day!!!

My wife was ultra sneaky. She planned a whole trip to Chigago behind my back so that I could go and see the Cubbies play. It was great!

We woke up early this morning. Megan told me that we were meeting the Crossland's for breakfast, but before we could eat we had to go and pick them up at the airport. So, we got up and got ready and headed off to the regional airport to meet them. What I didn't know was there were tickets waiting for us and we were going to board a plane to go and see the Chicago Cubs.

Before I knew what happened, we were in Chicago in a rental car headed to Wrigley Field. We had good directions, we drove a bit, boom we were there. We found a place to park, got out the tickets and watched my favorite baseball team drop another game to the Phillies.

Even with the loss, this has been one of the coolest days ever. I love it. Right now I am at the hotel letting the world know what a cool wife I have.

I will try to blog again about the trip, but if I don't that's is my birthday, and I can do whatever I want to.

I love my wife.
I really really really like the Cubs.
It has been a great birthday.

Click on the picture to the right and go to my moblog. There are some pictures there of the trip.

MurDog OUT!!!