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Napoleon D. Advertizes The Utah State Fair

You have got to see this. Thanks to Google Video where I found this flippin' Sweet video. GOSH!!


"Scan for Rootkits"

Rootkits are little applications that sit VERY deep on your machine... so deep that virus scanners and other protective applications simply cannot see them. These programs are used to hide spam programs that turn you computer into a spamming zombie or continually serve up unwanted advertisements. These rootkits are the domain of spammers and virus writers.

Well, on new CDs from Sony, including the new Switchfoot CD, if you want to play them on you PC, you have to install a program. I am sure it is in the fine print, but for the standard computer user, Sony installs a rootkit on your computer. This little program runs way deep in the bowels of your computer, and who knows what it actually does. I am sure it sends information back to Sony, and definitely notifies them of "suspicious" activities (even if these activities constitute fair use...).

Shame on Sony for taking these tactics. I don't mind them wanting to protect their product, but rootkits are too far. Not to mention that it is nearly impossible to get the songs that you purchased onto you iPod branded MP3 player. If you want the new Switchfoot CD on your iPod, you had better purchase it from the Apple Music Store. Otherwise, you will be sunk.

Boo to Sony. Boo to harsh, over-protective/restrictive DRM. EFF, we need your help. This is rediculous....

MurDog OUT (See the Digg story below.)

"So: if you've recently used CD releases from Sony BMG on your Windows computer, the "Scan for Rootkits" function in our product will detect this program on your system. Same happens with our free BlackLight beta that you can download from our web site."

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Our Prayers and Thought Go Out

I just read on the web that Kyle Lake, the head pastor at University Baptist Church in Waco (David Crowder's Church) was killed today when performing a baptism. He grabbed for a microphone and was electrocuted. Kyle Lake was 33...I am 33... he had 3 children, I have heart is broken for his family.

Right now I am listening to an MP3 of the last message he gave. It is quite sobering. Life is fleeting, do you know where you are going?