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Sony = BAD

This is old news for people who stay on top of tech stuff, but for those of you who don't, Sony has started putting Digital Rights Management (DRM) software on their new CDs (Including Switchfoot's newest CD). This wouldn't be so bad except that their DRM includes rootkit technology. (See my entry from 2 posts ago.)

For those of you who don't know what rootkits are, and I know there are a lot of you, rootkits are hacker tools that allow a writer of a program to hide things on your computer so far down in the bowels of your computer that your Operating System cannot see it. What the Heck?!? To add insult to injury, it is a poorly written rootkit that will allow any script kiddie (a very unsophisticated programmer) to hide viruses and other malware on your computer. AND, the rootkit also "phones home" to Sony some absurd amount of times per hour to track your usage of Sony's Music.

I hate DRM. I believe it robs us of fair use. I believe it punishes those of us who are law-abiding music lovers. The people who are really the problem in the stolen music market won't be stopped by DRM. But, those of us who just want to listen to music that we have purchased on our iPods are left out in the cold.

Boo Sony! I will not by anything from Sony if at all possible. I just hate it that Switchfoot, a band that I like, is caught up in the whole debacle. If you agree with me, I invite you to join me in avoiding Sony products.

Rootkits... I mean really!!!!

MurDog OUT!!!