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Rumor: CFH 2.0 Finally To Air in USA

A yet to be confirmed rumor has it that CFH will begin to air new episodes on G4TV starting early in September. Likely confirmation soon.

You will have to forgive the look of the site in this link, but if this is true, I am very happy. It seems that the rumor is that Call For Help, one of the good shows from TechTV may be coming back to G4TV, the network that bought and then summarily gutted TechTV.

If this is true, I am extremely excited. Call For Help is a great tech show that will breathe some life into the monotonous, homogenized game only network.

Leo continued the Call For Help show when it was picked up in Canada. It's been a bit of a cold winter since because we can't get it down here. Now there may be hope.

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Palm Not Against Windows Mobile on their Devices

Palm's CIO talks about Palm being open to possibly putting Windows Mobile on future devices.

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