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Goodbye Leo Laporte

I am dipping my hand a bit. I am a geek. But, I'm sure you were in on the secret due to the fact I have my own website. That is a big indicator that you are dealing with a geek. Being a geek, I love TechTV. It is a channel about computers and gadgets that is hidden way up in the triple-digit channels. It is 6 years old, but here in northwest Arkansas we just got it. It was a great day when it finally showed up in our channel line-up.

There is another tech channel called G4. It is more about gaming than computers. I like playing games, but that is a very small part of my interest in computers. The company that owns G4 bought the company that owns TechTV and now they are going to be combined into one channel. It stands to reason that some shows were going to have to get the boot.

That brings us to Leo Laporte. Leo is a middle-aged guy who has been one of the hosts on TechTV since its inception. He has had a major role on two staple shows on TechTV, The Screensavers, and his personal show, Call For Help.

The morons at G4, the channel in charge of programming in the new combined G4TechTV channel, have decided to can Call For Help. It is a great show with a very loyal following. There are a lot of people out there who are no longer scared of their personal computers because of Leo and Call For Help, and they are cancelling it. It is a big mistake.

There is a list shows that they are keeping at this website. I noticed that they are keeping a show call Cinematech. This show is absolutely ridiculous. It is 30 minutes of footage of video games set to music. It is nearly unwatchable. They are keeping this dreadful show over a useful show like Call For Help... it is a terrible idea.

The other sad thing is TechTV is losing its patriarch in order to save some nearly unwatchable G4 drivel. Don't get me wrong, I own an XBOX and I really like playing games, but, how many shows about people playing video games can we stand to watch? How many times do we really need to hear that they have bumped back the ship date on Halo 2? TechTV had one show completely devoted to gaming. Now we are going to be inundated with them. I say, lets cancel one of these ridiculous shows and bring back Call For Help, a show that is actually useful, and let's start with Cinematech!

MH's Dance Recital is Today

Right after I finish with this blog I am heading outside to attack our lawn. It has grown unchecked for more than a week and it is getting pretty tall. We are going to have a lot of people over this evening and the yard needs some serious lovin'.

The reason we are having people over is that today is Mary Hadley's big dance debut. She will be dancing at the Walton Arts Center in the Williams Center Spring Recital. Pretty exciting.

I'm excited because this is the first time I will ever experience seeing one of my children perform. I have heard about it all my life, and I have been the performer in front of my parents, so I am looking forward experiencing it myself. I already have a gushing sense of pride. It's funny because I have been to dance recitals in the past, and I know they are extremely boring, but I can't wait to seem MH dancing! (I hope we can get out of there quickly after MH performs.)

We have also misplaced the tickets. We think we know where they are, but we will need to find them before tonight. That would be a disaster. Megan thinks they were with the bills that I took to the office, so I will have to run over there and see if I can find them. If we can't, I hope we can go to the box office and get replacements I will let you know how that works out.

MurDog OUT!!!


Mary Hadley's First Recital is Coming

This Saturday night is Mary Hadley's first dance recital. It starts at 6:30 and will be held at The Walton Arts Center in Fayetteville. Mary Hadley has been going to dance class all year learning how to dance.

I have been to a number of recitals, and I know for the general public a dance recital could be one of the most boring events to attend. But now that I am a daddy, confidentially, I can't wait to see my daughter doing a dance with her class. It is going to be really neat.

I have put a link to a video I made earlier this year of Mary Hadley in her dance class on the front page of my main site, You will need Real Player to see it. If you don't have it installed you can get a free version of the Real Player at

Enjoy the video and I will give you the rundown after the big event.