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The MurDog Podcast #03

In This Episode:

Today I have two special guests... Aaron Parks and Josh Graber.

Show Notes:

The Music of Kelly Jones (Parks for those on the inside...)

If you aren't subcribed yet...then what's your deal? iTunes v4.9 makes it soooo easy. Copy this url:

Open the new version of iTunes.
Click the 'Advanced' Menu.
Click 'Subscribe to Podcast'
Paste the url and click 'Ok'..

Then voila.... you will get the MurDog Podcast automatically! How cool is that?

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iTunes is breaking podcasts everywhere

Right now if you try to subscribe to any of the top 10 podcasts from the podcast library inside iTunes, it won't work. I don't know this for sure, but it appears that the podcasting functionality that was just added to iTunes is putting a big strain on the servers that host the different podcasts.

It may start an era where you hope that your podcast gets popular, but not that popular.

We are one day into the big iTunes podcasting deal, and there are already some major strains on the system. NOTE:::This is all assumption on my part according to what I am experiencing. You may not be experiencing any problems.

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iTunes 4.9

I am sure it is old news by now, but the new version of iTunes is out that has podcast-catching or podcatching capabilities.

It is not immediately apparent how to subscribe to podcasts that aren't listed in the iTunes library, but it is possible. Click on 'Advanced' and then 'Subscribe to Podcast...'. That will open a dialog box where you can put in the RSS feed for the podcast.

The Roger and Jason Show on iTunes

Mad Props to the Roger and Jason Show... You guys are listed. If you go to the podcast listings in iTunes and do a search for "Roger Jason", their show will pop up and you can subscribe. I am very jealous.

Download the new version and start listening to podcasts.

A Brand New Podcast

It isn't released yet, but here is a super-secret podcast.

Copy and paste that URL in the iTunes the way I explain above, and you will be one of the very first subscribers to Fellowship Bible Church of Northwest Arkansas' newest podcast, The Changed Life Project.

Have Fun!

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Your IP Address

I found this little piece of code. What you are seeing is your ip address in that little green button. Pretty cool. If you want to know more, click on the button, and it will take you to a website that will tell you a lot about your computer and the information that websites know about you as soon as you go to their website.

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iPodder 2.1 is now available

For those of you who don't know, iPodder is a program that automates the download of podcasts. If you don't know what podcasts are, check out or or some of my previous posts.

The new version of iPodder, the cross-platform podcatching client is now available for download. (Click the title of this blog entry.) It is an incremental update, but it has one huge addition in my opinion. iPodder will now automatically change the genre in the id3 tags of the podcast to 'Podcast'. For people who listen to podcasts on their computer, this is no big deal, but on the iPod, the way I find podcasts is searching by Genre.

Here is the problem. We are at the whim of each podcast as to what the Genre is. A lot of podcasts make the genre "Podcast" which is incredibly handy, but quite a few come in as "Speech" or "Technology Trends" (you know who you are...) or some default setting in their recording software. That makes finding new podcasts in your iTunes library, or worst yet, your iPod an easter egg hunt.

iPodderX already fixed that problem, but I can't use that because I don't have a Mac, (Although, that is being dealt with. A new XP version is on the horizon with a public beta coming out any day now.) I couldn't use it. iPodder lemon followed their lead, or listened to the users and added the feature of automated Genre changing. I am so happy! Am I a geek or what?

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