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The Best Hubble Images Ever

A collection Of the clearest, most interesting images captured by the Hubble telescope.

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MurDog Podcast in ODEO

It is interesting. I haven't done any advertising about the MurDog Podcast because it is just a personal audioblog that isn't about anything....yet. I don't know where it is going, so I haven't advertised it. But, today as I was surfing around, I realized that Odeo has a link to my podcast. That is kind of exciting!

If you haven't given the MurDog Podcast a try, why don't you go over and download an episode, and give it a listen.


Mary Hadley and Wyatt just got finished taking their first swimming lesson! The place where they take lessons, has a rating system where they rank the skill level of each swimmer. They do this so that a new swimmer doesn't get placed in an advanced swim class. But, back to the story. MH and Wyatt were in the basic beginners class, and they both did great! I am so proud! One of the really neat things is MH got to skip a level. Next year, Wyatt will be in lane 1 and MH will jump directly to lane 2. That is great. Listen to the MurDog Podcast episode 8 for more.

MurDog OUT!!!