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What up Auburn???

Well, doesn't the 2005 Football season start out in an interesting way? ...And off goes USC...the fight will be for second place.


What up Big 12???

Two upsets and counting. ...Sooners & A&M

Chief Justice William Rehnquist is Dead

There was just a Special Report that interrupted the game I was watching which said that Chief Justice William Rehnquist has just died. We have gone years without any changes in the Supreme Court, and now there have been two changes in a relatively short time.

Democrats must be saying under their breath, "Wow, those conservatives even die at the right time."

The Chief Justice wasn't doing so good during the last of the 8 years that Clinton was in office. I am sure the Democrats were hoping that Rehnquist would have retired then, but alas he didn't.

I am amazed that Rehnquist stayed on the bench until he died. Wow, no retirement. I can understand that if he was in ministry, but he was a judge. (...albeit the most important judge in the United States.) Still, I couldn't do that.

I'm in the Newspaper

Check it out. I am in the newspaper. I don't remember saying that exactly, but it was close...I guess.


Don't Give Your Hurricane Donations to the Red Cross

I don't know if this article is credible. I don't necessarily stand behind it, but it is an interesting thing to think about. Personally, I prefer Christian organizations over secular organizations.

MurDog OUT

Interesting article that makes you reconsider whether the Red Cross is the right charity to send donations for the victims of hurricane Katrina.

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The Forgotten Survivors

With all the focus that has been given to the New Orleans Evacuees who are in the Super Bowl little attention has been given to the people who are in the New Orleans Convention Center. I just saw one of the most disturbing pieces I have ever seen on CNN. Help needs to be mobilized. If you know anyone who has any pull, urge them to get a move on. What is the hold up? Let's get these people to safety NOW!



New Orleans Under Water

The pumps and levees are failing in New Orleans and for the first time in recent history, a large American city is being evacuated. This ominous evacuation warning is evidence that things are getting very serious in New Orleans.


Weatherman Tantrum

This is a pretty funny clip of a CNN weatherman throwing a fit in the early morning hours preceding Katrina's landfall.

Gas Prices are Out of Control!

Gas prices are at $2.75 a gallon as of today and only going up. Enough is enough! This is getting ridiculous. Am I supposed to believe that 35ยข a gallon worth gasoline came from the oil derricks directly affected by Hurricane Katrina? That is utterly ridiculous! This is price gouging of the worst variety because it makes people in the petroleum market rich while us poor saps who just want to get to work pay at the pump.

BOOOOO HISSSSS! I am sick of this! Are there any ideas out there? I don't want to hear about supply and demand because what we are seeing today has NOTHING to do with that. It is opportunistic people taking advantage of a tragic situation on the gulf coast. And we are paying for it....

MurDog OUT!!!

Now My Wife is a Geek

Hey everybody. My wife just called me out on her BRAND NEW BLOG for being a geek. Well, I can't argue with that, instead, I thought I would let everyone know that she has a blog. I am so excited. You need to go and check it out!

There is a link on to her blog if you forget the address!!! If you have an RSS client, here is her feed address:

Leave a comment on her blog and let her know that you are reading!!!!

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