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Me with the trusty chainsaw...

The Broken Tree

MH's Blog (Little Red Riding Hood and the Three Little Pigs)

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It's Time to Sound Old

I never thought that I would be complaining about the trees in my yard, but here I am. We lost a big chunk out of our Bradford Pear tree in our yard. Last Night, a huge thunderstorm blasted us with straight line winds in excess of 70 miles per hour for more than 30 minutes. That is approaching hurricane strength. It was pretty exciting.

I was sitting in my Lay-Z-Boy fooling around on my laptop, when I heard a jet engine blaring down my chimney. I have never heard anything like it.

I love thunderstorms so it was very exciting. I opened the front door and turned on the light. The rain was flying sideways and there was almost constant lightning. The Bradford Pear in our front yard was tossed too and fro. Very Cool... When I looked out there early in the storm there was already a small limb down.

The storm continued to rage, but I went to bed.

The next morning, Megan got up first and I heard her say..."Oh Murray". I rolled over and tried to get a few more minutes of sleep. When I got up, Megan said, "You are not going to believe it." I answered back, "I know, a limb is down." She told me she went out and tried to move it but she couldn't. I thought that was weird because the limb I saw was pretty small.

I got up and looked out the front door and saw that 1/3rd of our tree was now on the ground with a large part sitting on Megan's truck. Meg and I got ready and got the kiddos ready and we went outside, fired up the chainsaw. After 30 minutes, we finally extricated the Truck and went to Krispy Kreme for donuts.

The limbs are still all around my yard, and I will have to go out there later and clean it all up. It's a real man-job, so that's fun. I have a real reason to break out the chainsaw. Maybe I'll do it this evening.

I will post some pictures here.

2 goodbyes

I have two sorrowful goodbyes. The first is for an extremely gifted actor who died on Friday July 2nd... The Great Marlon Brando. I have to admit that I am too young to have seen Mr. Brando in his prime. Everything I have seen of his was a re-run except The Freshman. He was a very creative actor who poured himself into his roles and portrayed his characters in a very creative, innovative manner. I really enjoyed The Godfather, which I saw last year for the first time. I loved it. Mr. Brando was extremely interesting in the role of Vito Corleone. Wow... You will be missed.

I also want to say goodbye to Patrick Norton from the Screensavers. He said his goodbye on Thursday's The Screensavers. The Screensavers is moving to a new studio in Los Angeles and Patrick Norton has decided not to go with the rest of The Screensavers. First Leo Laporte and now Patrick. I hope the show doesn't lose its way without its captain. I like Kevin Rose, but he is so young.

Here is to the future of The Screensavers. Don't screw it up G4! And, I want you to start showing it at 11:00PM again. Who cares about Anime Unleashed... I don't.

MurDog OUT!!!


Mary Hadley getting some work done...

Mary Hadley and Wyatt on our picture day during Megan's Family Reunion in Fort Smith.

Beautiful MH

Check out this pic. This is Mary Hadley from our Family Reunion weekend in Oklahoma. Ain't she a beaut!


Busy Days

I am on the eve of being completly transitioned off the Student Ministry team at Fellowship. It makes me both happy and sad. I am sad for all the obvious reasons. I have given the last 10 years of my life to this ministry. I have bled sweat and cried for this ministry, so it is not the easiest thing in the world to give up, but on the other hand, it is getting harder and harder to leave my family for extended periods of time.

I have to explain that I am coming home at the end of the day every time I leave for work, compound that by a factor of 7 or sometimes 14 when I leave for camps. It is just not something that I am able to do anymore.

For the past 4 months, I have been doing two jobs at Fellowship. I have completed my tasks as FSM Student Worship Pastor while taking on more and more of the responsibilites of my new position as Director of Communications.

The communications thing is exciting because I don't have all the answers. We are attempting to do some things that I am not completely sure if we will be able to pull off and I am sure some things that will fail spectacularly. Another thing that makes me excited and a little anxious is how hard it is to explain to people what I am setting out to do. It is going to shake some things up, but I am convinced that by the time I am done, we will have made an impact and it will be ministry.

MurDog OUT!!!