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Oklahoma City Again

We are back in Oklahoma City. We are staying with Shannon and Robert...if you don't know who that is, it is probably ok because I am sure you know some people that I don't.

We woke up this morning and packed up the mountain bikes and rode on some really cool trails near a big lake here in OKC. Even though it is flat here, there were a lot of interesting and technical parts to negotiate. I had a blast, and I hope to ride some more.

I did wreck once. Megan got stuck between two trees at the top of a hill. I was pedaling up the hill behind her and I couldn't reach the top because her bike was blocking the trail. You also need to know that I have clips on my pedals. If I don't have enough warning that I am going to stop then... you guessed it, I am on my back with a bicycle on top of me.

Other than that, the ride was really fun and the only dirt that ended up on my shirt was some mud spun up off my tires in a failed attempt to cross a creek with no bridge.

Big fun. Megan and Shannon just left to go and play, and now Robert and I are going to see what kind of trouble we can get ourselves into.

Verse of the Day


More XBOX 2 info

In my ongoing coverage of the new XBOX 2, (which is supposed to be released by the end of the year... yeah we'll see...anyone heard of Halo 2?) I have found some new information. There has been a major leak on Gamespy. Read it, there is some interesting information.

MurDog OUT!!!


Where have you been?

What the heck, can you not find some time to blog... I mean what is the deal??? I have no good excuse except that I have been busy with a lot of things staring me in the face. When you are really busy, you don't really want to sit down and write. I don't really have anything to say right now except you have to check out this pic Meg took of Wyatt. We didn't want to catch him picking his nose but that is what happened...

Megan and I laughed...

MurDog out